Bethesda Physicians PC

Bethesda Physicians, PC is an Internal Medicine practice located in downtown Bethesda, Maryland. We care for patients over the age of 12 years, through adolescence, young adulthood, middle age and elder years. Our philosophy for the practice of medicine is simple yet comprehensive: we believe that the most important tools in providing quality medical care are time and availability. These, in conjunction with up to date medical knowledge, allow us to provide medical care customized to our patients' needs.

We provide comprehensive care for our patients: full physical exams for men, women (including Pap smears), adolescents and elderly patients. We draw blood tests on-site, and when needed, do rapid laboratory tests for many acute illnesses.

We are available to our patients for same day appointments when an urgent problem arises. We manage chronic, complicated problems as well, and help arrange for specialty referrals when necessary. While providing medically necessary care, we are also aware of the costs and try to control your expenses.


Flu Shots Now Available Click here for our walk-in hours.

Call today to schedule an appointment for school physicals, immunizations and forms.

Shingles vaccine is now available for 50-59 year old patients, please call for an appointment.


Jane H. Chretien, M.D.

Audrey P. Corson, M.D.

Delia R. Fine, M.D.

Erica W. Hwang, M.D.