Quality Medical Services for Adults

Telemedicine consults for medical issues NOT related to Coronavirus:

Annual Physical Exam: since we cannot do in-person exams at this time, we are offering patients a pre-physical consult for $150.  We will review your problem list, medications, cancer screening, vaccinations and any concerns you may have.  

We will plan to do your physical exam later in 2020. 

At the time of that exam, we will deduct the $150 payment from your annual physical charge. 

Follow up of ongoing issues or medication refills/adjustments (hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, anxiety/depression, migraines): $75-125

Urgent medical issues (UTI, vaginitis, rashes, abdominal pain, headaches): $75-125

The telemedicine fee will be waived if we deem it necessary to bring you in for an office visit that day.

Please note that these fees apply to after hours ('on-call') telephone consultations as well.

Our office will mail you a claim form with proof of payment and appropriate ICD10 and CPT codes. Some insurance companies are providing payment for telephone care - we encourage our patients to submit these claims in order to get reimbursement for care. 

Bethesda Physicians, PC in Bethesda, MD, addresses both short and long-term health concerns with a focus on preventive health issues guided by organizations such as the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and American College of Physicians (ACP).

Our preventive services include diet and exercise counseling, weight management, routine cancer screening, prevention of cardiovascular disease, routine gynecologic care, screening for mood disorders and domestic violence.

We are attuned to the needs of patients as they age, as the complexity of their health management increases. For all of our patients, we coordinate closely with specialists to provide attentive, personalized, thorough care.

Taking Care of Your Children

Bethesda Physicians, PC provides medical services for patients ages 12 and older who wish to transition from a pediatrician to an internist for primary care.

In addition to addressing acute and chronic medical concerns, we focus on preventive issues such as healthy eating, accident prevention, exercise, safe sex, screening for mood disorders and substance abuse.

Our services include routine physical exams, school/sports/camp physicals, routine gynecologic care, and routine immunizations including Gardasil.

With each adolescent patient, we aim to create a doctor-patient relationship based on trust and sensitivity so that we may provide the best care possible to this unique age group.

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