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1. Any patients with respiratory symptoms or fever are seen over telemedicine or after 3pm so they have no contact with our healthy patients.

2. All patients are screened for Covid symptoms 24 hours prior to their appointment.

3. All patients and staff will wear masks at all times.

4. Our staff and doctors are immunized against Covid19.

5. Our staff has been educated in proper use of PPE.

6. Our offices are cleaned every day at noon and again at the end of the day.

7. Our in-office schedule is only at 25% capacity, allowing for appropriate social distancing in the office.

8. We have instituted 1 way flow in our office to eliminate crowding.

9. Our exam rooms are disinfected after every patient visit and each room has a HEPA filter. 

Coronavirus Testing

We have an arrangement with a local lab that allows us to do Covid19 PCR Nasal Swab For Our Patients. 

Results are available in 24-48 Hours.

Patients with NO symptoms:

Pre-travel, post-exposure patients: $75

Patients with MILD symptoms:

- If you have mild upper respiratory symptoms with or without fever, or more significant symptoms, one of our doctors will provide a phone assessment that day and then advise accordingly. We are normally able to bring our patients into the office within 24 hours to assess them clinically and to perform a Covid19 nasal swab. 

Coronavirus Vaccine

 At this time, our office has no vaccine to distribute. We do not know if/when we will get any vaccine to distribute directly to our patients. Listed below are links for information about Coronavirus vaccine: