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Limited Reopening for office visits will begin June 1, 2020

In accordance with Maryland Department of Health and CDC guidelines, Bethesda Physicians will begin to increase the number of in-office appointments.  

For details regarding scheduling in-office or Telemedicine appointments, please click on the  Adult and Adolescent Medicine tab above.

NEW PATIENTS: Dr. DiFresco and Dr. Fine are currently accepting new patients. If you are interested in becoming a new patient at our practice please call to schedule a new patient appointment. 

For more detail regarding these appointments, click on the  Adult and Adolescent Medicine tab above.

Hours of operation:   9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday.  



- For questions regarding new protocols in our office to keep our patients and staff safe, please click on the Resources and Contact tab above:

- We, along with the CDC, recommend that patients at risk for COVID-19 who are NOT yet showing symptoms or have MILD symptoms be evaluated by phone before coming to our office or seeking care at an Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

- If you have mild upper respiratory symptoms with or without fever, or more significant symptoms, one of our doctors will provide a phone assessment within 1-2 hours and then advise accordingly. Telephone medicine during this pandemic situation reduces the spread of infection by keeping patients away from others. Straightforward telephone calls to address mild symptoms will incur a fee ($75-200). This fee will be waived if we deem it necessary to bring you in for an office visit that day. 

- If you are calling with general questions about Coronavirus or regarding potential exposure with no symptoms, you may expect a call back from your physician within 24 hours.  Straightforward telephone calls to address questions about Coronavirus will incur a fee ($75-200). This fee will be waived if we deem it necessary to bring you in for an office visit that day.

Our office will mail you a claim form with proof of payment and appropriate ICD10 and CPT codes.  Many insurance companies are providing payment for telephone care - we encourage our patients to submit these claims in order to get reimbursement for care. 

Please note that these fees apply to after hours ('on-call') telephone consultations as well.

A note about our telephone/telemedicine fees:

We are charging for telephone consults because we are limiting the number of patients who are seen in the office.  The amount charged will depend on the complexity of the visit (medications ordered, Xrays ordered, referrals to specialists etc) and how much time the doctor spends with you.


CDC:  Open Link below and click on "Coronavirus Self Checker"


CDC:  General information about Coronavirus


WHO (World Health Organization):


Feeling Anxious about Coronavirus?

Don't worry - this is a normal reaction!  

Here is a helpful link with suggestions on coping w Coronavirus anxiety:



MEDICARE PATIENTS: Effective April 1, 2020 Bethesda Physicians will be opting out of Medicare and operating solely as a fee-for-service practice. Please click on the Medicare Patients tab (top of this page on right) for more details regarding this change.

Bethesda Physicians, PC in Bethesda, MD, is an internal medicine practice caring for patients over the age of 12 years, through adolescence, young adulthood, middle age and elder years. Our philosophy for the practice of medicine is simple yet comprehensive: we believe that the most important tools in providing quality medical care are time and availability. These, in conjunction with up-to-date medical knowledge, allow us to provide medical care customized to our patients' needs.

We provide comprehensive care for our patients: full physical exams for men, women (including Pap smears), adolescents and elderly patients. We draw blood tests on-site, and when needed, do rapid laboratory tests for many acute illnesses.

We are available to our patients for same day appointments when an urgent problem arises. We manage chronic, complicated problems as well, and help arrange for specialty referrals when necessary. While providing medically necessary care, we are also aware of the costs and try to control your expenses.

We are a fee for service practice, meaning we do not contract with insurance companies for payment. This allows us to offer our patients longer appointment times to address their needs. We make every effort to have laboratory tests, X-rays and specialty referrals done within your insurance network.

PRESCRIPTION REFILLS: The most efficient way to get you medications refilled is to call your pharmacy and ask them to send us an electronic refill request. This ensures accuracy of the medication name and dose. It also avoids duplicate prescriptions which may affect coverage by your insurance company.


Please click on Resources&Contact for information about parking.

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